We offer the possibility to order catering for a child’s birthday party. Either for those that you organise at the AHHAA Science Centre or at a location of your choice (at home, in a playground...).

We offer a wide range of packages for children’s birthday parties. You can also modify and complement them as you wish. It is also possible to put together a package entirely according to your wishes.

By ordering your birthday party food from us, you can be sure that everything you need will be ready before you arrive. It’s convenient for you and saves time too.

We’ll set the table, and we’re always on hand at the Café Newton if you have any questions or additional requests. You can also leave the cleaning up of the room after the party to us.

In addition to all this, you can also order tarts and cakes from us. If you wish, we can prepare a personalised cake just the way you like it. If you would like to order a cake, please contact us in good time so that we have the best opportunity to start the preparations for both baking and decorating.

Set 1

- Pasta salad with ham
- Chicken nuggets
- Fruit selection
- Vegetable selection
- Mini pizza on tortilla base

Set 2

- Potato salad
- Cheese balls
- Fruit selection
- Vegetable selection
- Mini wraps

Set 3

- French fries
- Meatballs
- Spring rolls with vegetable stuffing
- Vegetable selection
- Sausage pies

Set 4

- French fries
- Chicken nuggets
- Mini jells (flavours can be negotiated, you can have different ones)
- Stick sandwiches
- Fruit selection


- Aura juice (multi, orange, apple, plum); 1 L; 5€.
- Straw drink (apple-cherry, strawberry, multi); 250 ml; 1,5€
- Classic lemonade; 500 ml; 2€
- Ice-cream cocktail; 400 ml; 3,5€

(Jugs of water with ice, berries and/or citrus fruits are included in the price Coffee breaks)

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